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Happiness 101: How To Achieve A Minimalist Interior

Happiness 101: How To Achieve A Minimalist InteriorOur live are busy, schedules packed, our minds swirl with what needs to be done, kids are complaining, the dog is barking, where do we fit in time to be happy? While it may sound like a tall order, happiness has a lot to do with our surroundings. Interiors are an untapped key to happiness. A blissful interior can alter a mood faster than any ingestible substance. Follow the directions below for how to achieve a minimalist interior to put your family on the fast track to happiness.

What Is Minimalism?

Minimalist interiorPhoto: Lucas y Hernandes-Gil

Don’t worry you don’t have to adopt some freaky code of conduct to embrace the ideals of minimalism. Minimalism in its purest form is the embodiment of less is more. This is what makes decorating in a minimalist so easy, there’s simply not a lot to it. Less clutter, less stuff and less visual eye candy.

Minimalist kitchen designPhoto Pinterest


Minimalist Decorating

Minimalist bedroomPhoto: Shamsuden Kerimov Architects

A minimalist interior can be achieved with any budget, in any home and by anyone. A comfortable, happy interior is achieved by adding what you need to a room, not more.

Empty space is not a bad thing. To a achieve a minimalist interior leave space on walls, tabletops, bookcases and on the floor. It is perfectly okay not to fill every corner in the room with furniture.

Simple open minimal shelvesPhoto: Decorist

One pretty picture is better than lining a shelf with many. When there are too many decorative items, colors, or pieces of furniture in a room, it is impossible to focus, this creates discord.

Minimalist bathroomPhoto: Contemporist

Repetition breeds serenity. This is why repeating a color, a shape, a wood tone, is so restful. When the eye knows what’s coming next one feels calmer and happier.

Minimalist Colors

Monochromatic kitchen colorsPhoto: Bruce Bolander Architect

A minimalist color scheme does not need to be blah or boring, but it needs to be simple. Simple can mean monochromatic or it can mean the dominance of one singular color. Cool colors or neutrals are easy to work with. Hot colors, reds, oranges or very acidic colors can be difficult.

Minimalist Furnishings

Clean simple furnishingsPhoto: Rebecca Judd Loves

Simple lines are the key to minimalist furnishings. Keep the fabrics a solid color and allow texture or gentle use of one extra color to alter the personality. Try to let either boxy or curvy shapes dominate, not both. Avoid bold patterns and multiple bold color changes.

Minimalist kids bedroomPhoto: Another Studio

Select one wood or metal color and stick with it.

Minimalist Interior Cheat Sheet

Minimalist Interior Cheat SheetSnap a pic and put this on your phone for assistance when you are out shopping.

When you walk in the door do you want to say, ahh or ugh? A minimalist interior can give the entire family a sense of peace, familiarity, and turn that frown upside down. By adopting a minimalist interior you can make your home your happy place.