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Home Organization: Take Control Of The Drop Zone

How To Control The Drop ZoneThe dreaded drop zone, where keys, mail, backpacks, cell phones, notes and other ancillary “stuff” lands, is a typical problem in many homes.  Whether it be the hall table, kitchen countertop or other spot, this location seems to have a magnetic pull for the items of our daily lives.  If this is an issue in your home the first thing to do is ask yourself who is in control?  Does your drop zone control you?

The unfortunate answer might be yes.  Now we have a drop zone which is also the slop zone!

Fall is upon us, with a new season and kids going back to school, this is the perfect opportunity to make a change on the home front.   The time is ripe to develop new habits.  Cluttered drop zoneHOW TO DROP THE DROP ZONE

  1. Organization over convenience
  2. Dedicate an area for important items
  3. Determine a value for each item, how important is it to daily life?

We all do it, we place things on the first surface we reach upon entering the door.  We drop the bills on the kitchen counter rather than place them wherever we actually open, pay and file them.  Nothing is making us fill this space, nobody said put all your crap here, yet we do.  Drop zone is a holding patternA drop zone is like being on an airplane circling an airport waiting to land, a holding pattern before reaching the desired destination.  If you live in a house with stairs you likely know exactly how this works.  The stairs become a drop zone of things to go upstairs when someone gets around to it.  The guiding principle to organization and eliminating clutter is to limit the amount of times you touch an item.  Time is saved by putting an item exactly where it goes the moment it comes through the door, not where it is convenient to put it down.

Everything has a place, and put everything in its place is a good lesson for everyone young and old.  While this sounds simple, often within the busy nature of our lives we forget to allocate a spot, box, drawer, hanger, tray, or closet where items go.  Backpack organizationVia BetterAfter

Create a welcoming spot for the kid’s backpacks. Who wouldn’t want to put their back pack here?Daily organization zone in kitchenVia Not Just A Housewife

Use available and often unused wall space to make organization spots look so good, one will want to use them.  Technology organizationVia BuzzFeed Life

Create a technology zone which is realistic.  Placing a cute box on the counter in hopes of organizing the family phones doesn’t cut it.  But everyone needs a charge, by keeping the cords outlet ready like in the drawer shown here makes life is easier for everyone.

  • How important is it to have the keys on the counter rather than put away?
  • Is it vital to have next month’s bills at hand today on the kitchen counter?
  • Do the shoes need to be right by the back door?
  • Do the sunglasses need to be on the counter?

In most cases much of what is in the drop zone is not important to have at hand right now.  Taking control of the drop zone is much like ripping off a bandaid, one needs only to make the decision and do it.   You are welcome to share your favorite methods of controlling the drop zone in the comments section below.


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