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How To Banish Stress From Christmas Travel

stress-free-holiday-travelThere are two possible outcomes to Christmas travel, it is a joyous experience or an emotional nightmare. I’ll take the joyous experience please. Whether by plane, train or automobile, here are six ways to banish stress from your holiday travel.

Orange County Christmas1. Do what you think sounds fun for Christmas. Ask your family where they’d like to go for Christmas, you might be surprised at the joy this brings of not having to do the same old thing. Part of fun of traveling to a different local is experiencing different cultures and traditions. Trying something new eliminates the stress brought on by expectations.

2. Eliminate the word “should” from your holiday travel plans. Once you’ve reached adulthood, Christmas has nothing to do with what one should do or implied obligations.

3. Take traditions with you. There is a comfort one can get from holiday traditions, keep what you like and nix the rest. Pack those Christmas stockings. Bring your traditional Christmas cookies or treats on the plane or in the car. Have a hot chocolate party with your kids on Christmas Eve in your hotel room, donuts for breakfast or go to a family movie on Christmas Day. Create holiday traditions which can happen anywhere. palm-beach-christmas4. Research local Christmas activities and pack accordingly. Hunt for tips online for the best Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner or any special holiday activities at the resort or town you are staying in. Holiday spa specials, neighborhood light displays, town Christmas festivals, an hour or two online can lead you towards unexpected delights unless you don’t bring the right clothes.

5. Leave space for the unexpected your schedule. Alleviate travel stress by padding your daily travel plans with extra time. Allow for the snooze button, traffic, and unforeseen adventures.

6. Spread holiday cheer. Random acts of kindness are a great way to relive not only your own stress, but stress felt by those around you. Airports and roadways are packed with stressful people. Be another’s Christmas miracle, its fun.

  • Help a stranger with their bag
  • Smile at everyone you make eye contact with
  • Offer to buy the woman sitting there with three screaming kids, a bottle of water, coffee, 4 cookies
  • Leave room for people to cut in and out of traffic, they will, so why try to stop them
  • Send a beautiful bouquet to the family member who tried to ‘should’ you
  • Double your tip size

scottsdale-christmasHoliday travel does not need to be stressful. Traveling at Christmas time can be fun and satisfying. Enjoy the adventure. Gifts are nice, but experiences last a lifetime. Banishing stress from your holiday travel can help make your Christmas better.


BTW: The little white dots you see moving on this page are snow. Happy Holidays!