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How To Boldly Redesign Your Front Door In Minutes

DIY Front door with car wrap If you’ve ever dreamt of a beautiful bold front door, here is the simplest, mess-free, no headache way to transform your front door in less than an hour. The most important component on a home’s exterior is the front door, it either says welcome, or it doesn’t. Over time the paint fades, gets worn, chips or cracks. I don’t know about you but I tend to put off messy home maintenance projects. Here is how to completely redesign a front door in minutes.

We transformed our front door with this bold papaya orange vinyl car wrap in under an hour! Being car enthusiasts, of course we chose a textured carbon fiber in a matte finish. You can choose from hundreds of very chic colors, patterns and finishes online from CWS ( The CWS website has useful directions and they were super helpful when I was attempting to get the right color.

If a vinyl wrap works on a car, holds up to the elements, why not use it on the front door? This is the easiest DIY home decor idea for a front door I’ve ever imagined. Think of it like really good quality contact paper or a big sticker. Besides if you hate it or want to change it you can. (I tested it first by ordering a couple of color samples, stuck them on the door and let them enjoy the heat and harsh rays of the sun as well as the frigid snowy winter.)

Faded front doorFaded blue front door before the DIY redesign.


  • vinyl car wrap
  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • 100 and 150 grit sandpaper
  • precision X-ACTO Knife and fresh blades
  • straight edge
  • hairdryer
  • rubber squeegee
  • piece of cotton fabric

After removing the front door and its hardware we placed it on two sawhorses. Next we washed, sanded and re-washed the side of the door getting the vinyl wrap. Once it was clean and dry we unrolled the vinyl lining up two factory edges (less cutting) and cut the vinyl an inch or two larger on the other two sides.

Position one vertical and one horizontal factory edge of the vinyl film. Starting at the top or bottom of the door slowly, let me repeat this, SLOWLY, unroll the backer paper from the film and stick down about 1 1/2″ all the way across. I used a 2′ metal ruler with a cork backing to push the film, away from me and onto the door while my husband and I pulled away the backer paper from each side. Pushing rather than pulling seemed to put less stress on the film and it went down easily and straight.

carbon fiber front doorUsing the knife, cut sections for door hardware.

The key to avoiding bubbles and wrinkles is moving slow, like an inch at a time and not stretching the film. It goes quickly just don’t rip off too much backer paper at a time. The 3M film is super easy, easier than contact paper and pretty forgiving! We hardly had any bubbles.

installing vinyl car wrap on front doorI wrapped the rubber squeegee in a scrap of cotton fabric so not to mark the vinyl film while squeezing out any bubbles. Work from one edge of the door and across from top to bottom.

Here is where the product is not like contact paper or a sticker, it needs heat to fully adhere it to the door. Prior to heating the vinyl can be repositioned if you make a mistake. Heat helps to remove the vinyl as well.Vinyl car wrap on fort door Use heat to help turn vinyl film around edge of door, trim excess before using high heat.

I used the blowdryer first on low and next on high heat to seal the film to the door, identify and remove with the squeegee any remaining bubbles.

DIY font door with vinyl car wrapThink of your home’s front door is like a handshake, it makes a cheerful confident greeting or it reads as boring as a limp noodle. A dynamic front door draws people inside. This 3M vinyl car wrap film from CWS was fast and easy to work with. I can’t wait to use it again, on a refrigerator, cabinets, interior doors, maybe a desktop, the surface applications are endless.