DIY How To Lighting Ideas

How To Create Awesome Wall Art With Light

Every wondered how to get cool wall art in amazing colors for a fraction of the cost of going to an art gallery, or use light on your walls for some amazing effects without hiring a contractor? Believe it or not this one little, non-gadgety decorating tech product found at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019 allows you to create awesome wall art with light. The best part, aside from being affordable and easy, the end result is legitimate wall art, not some pedestrian DIY creation.

Nanoleaf Canvas modular light panel kitMeet your new BFF, Nanoleaf Canvas, a touch-sensing modular, connectable smart light panel.

Nanoleaf Canvas

  • Create any design, for any wall in any room
  • Design color coordinated schemes or use hundreds of pre-loaded scenes and animations
  • Built-in Rhythm music visualizer
  • No WiFi? No Problem! Works out of the box without WiFi
  • Touch-enabled experiences, voice controls, app customizations
  • Supports large installations and works with the Nanoleaf API

But wait there’s more… Do you like music? How would you like to SEE sound?

LED Wall Panels Set To Music

Using Nanoleaf Rhythm, you can create hypnotizing colorways which make your favorite songs a visual experience! The Rhythm module is an add-on accessory for Light Panels, transforming your lighting display into an immersive symphony of sight and sound. A small sound module that transforms the Light Panels into a symphony of color synced to music, simply plug the Rhythm into a Light Panel to watch it dance to your playlist in real time.

Wall art with Nanoleaf light panels

The Rhythm Edition light panels come in a triangular shape offering even more design options for your wall art shapes.

It’s lighting!

It’s wall art!

It doesn’t require an electrician or programmer!

It’s mesmerizing!

It’s doable!

And its accessible via the Nanoleaf website.

Nanotech Rhythm Light Panels

If you’d like to use super cool lighting in your interior and have an ounce of creative juice in your brain, this product is for you. Finally, cool tech which isn’t gadgety, in-today-out-tomorrow. These inexpensive and arty Nanoleaf light panels will have you exercising your imagination all over the walls. But if you want to create your own neon signs, you can check out this guide by Neon Mama. Be the artist!