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How To Give Kid Rooms A Grown Up Attitude

Don’t worry I’m not suggesting we scoot them along to adulthood any faster than necessary but I think we can agree today’s kid rooms are not the rooms we grew up with.   Children, teens and even toddlers are a more sophisticated lot than in the past.  We’ve moved decades beyond cowboys and airplanes for boys and fairy princesses for girls.  Themes which are too cutesy and child-like are quick to become stale.  Here is how to create chic kid rooms which can grow with your child.COLOR: Start with one neutral – black, white, or gray.  FOUNDATION: Repeat your neutral color throughout the room starting with the main wall color or as the main color of most furniture.  This will give the room a harmonious flow. Using all white or black furniture pieces is an example of how this works.  This neutral creates continuity and keeps the room from getting disjointed. BUILD A PALETTE:  Add one or two main colors in either the high wattage or soft variety.  This is where you can allow your kid’s to have their input.  Let them suggest a couple of colors you will filter into a dazzling color palette to grow with them.  Select a color key such as fabric, wallpaper or a rug which uses these colors. Fresh and fun color schemes will give the room a youthful vibe even when the foundation is built around a neutral. 

STYLISH FURNISHINGS & DECOR:  Sprinkle the room with atypical kid items.  You could plop any of the fabrics or rugs into an adult setting.  Use grown-up lamps or a chandelier.  Select wallcovering or fabrics not found in the kid section.  Upholstered headboards are fresh and comfortable.

Today’s kid rooms offer versatility to ease the growing pains and keep major redecorating costs to a minimum.  If you stick with basic patterns which don’t scream “kid” you can create a very clever interior for youngster to allow their individuality to shine and will carry them through their teen years with only minor tweaks.

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