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How to Make White Walls A Success Not A Fail

When it comes to white walls they can be an enviable success or a heart wrenching fail. What’s the different white is white isn’t it? Nope. White walls used the right way, as a focused part of a look, can make an interior sparkle. White walls are a whopping failure when the little voice inside you wonders if it looks like someone forgot to paint something. Here are the proven tips to make white walls work in your interior.

colorful artwork at homeLots of art, colorful art or big art demand white walls. Why do galleries and museums use white walls? Because they want you to see the artwork. When you have pretty art, the walls need to fade away, not compete with the artwork. White walls are the answer to the popular question, how to showcase art at home.

White walls in living roomDo you love light colors? If you dig the Scandinavian interior vibe with light woods and simple decor shapes, or maybe you are a fan of the current etherial farmhouse look with rustic elements, both use expansive planes of white walls as the icing on the cake to drive the look home. Against white-washed or light colored natural wood floors and materials, white walls serve to lift the entire space.

all shite kitchenWhite on white on white is an interior trend which can look super beautiful and trendy. To pull off this look you rely on texture and shades of white on different materials to give your room implied colors. I once studied an all white room with white molding and found 17 different colors just by counting the shades of shadows. These textures and shades infuse the room with warmth. Too much white with similar sleek, shiny surfaces can make the space feel sterile, not what we are going for.

White paint makes molding beautifulHistoric interiors with exceptionally detailed molding absolutely swathed in white on white walls will sing with brilliance. Color creeps in to accentuate the different textures in the form of light and shadows. This is a much more pleasant way to enhance the intricacies of highly detailed molding than using some bold dramatic color on the walls.

? White molding on deeply colored walls serves to cut up the room in small little parcels and in turn gives the room a very disjointed feel.

? Another tip to make white on white work is the absence of clutter. Clutter in a white room, just looks, like what it is, a mess!

Modern storage cabinetsUsing the right white. Modern whites are white or sometimes white with a hint of gray or blue. Dated, worn-out whites are what we call ivory or off-white. The yellow-whites are the kiss of death in a modern interior.

?  White which is excessively creamy or yellow does two very ugly things, on one hand it will dumb down any colors which abut them making them dingy or dank. On the other hand, those 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s off-whites scream old, as in not taken care of or up to date.

Best white paint colors

Finally white walls only look good if they are clean, free of dingy worn corners and scuffs. Regardless of wall color, interior walls painted in typical latex paint should be repainted about every 5 – 8 years depending on the amount of wear your home gets. White walls may require more frequent repaints, though since we are talking white on white, this is quite easy maintenance and sometimes you can get away with spot repaints.

White walls fail when they are

  • dirty ?
  • yellowed or have so much color they look like a dingy version of white ?
  • adjoin other brightly colored walls without a transition (molding or room change) ?

White walls can make a room truly beautiful, if you use the right colors of white and have some sort of overall theme going like those mentioned above. White walls are a great success when they are employed as part of a look. Happy painting!