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Inside The Artist’s Mind – Hearst Castle Tile Collection

Today we have a real treat, the opportunity to hear from the artist who was selected by Tilevera to create the Castle Wood Collection for the Hearst Castle Collection of tiles.  Hearst Castle is the dream home envisioned by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and his architect Julia MorganCelestial Tower at Hearst CastleJacqueline Moore is a Los Angeles artist who exemplifies the artistry and precision of days long ago.  Her appreciation for detail and design cause one to ponder the truth of reincarnation, she is an old world artist keeping traditions alive.  Here is how she describes her journey to wood tiles:

“I thought of the idea of making tiles, and creating them on wood in a garden about two years ago, when forced to rethink my creative journey and direction through the onset of recession, I escaped to the sanctuary of this lush green paradise to think and ponder what could be next for me creatively.

Julia Morgan came to me soon thereafter, when Deborah Osburn , the creative director and owner of Tilevera after being awarded the Hearst Castle license, called me to say she had seen my creations and wanted to talk further.  Julia’s archives, created and drawn between 1919 and 1937 ~ were all I needed to bear witness to in order to begin with this particular collection.”Julia Morgan DrawingImage of Julia Morgan drawing courtesy of Hearst Castle ©2012 Hearst Castle® California State Parks-Hearst Castle Collection®

“It was to the Julia Morgan archives that I immediately gravitated…  As I looked through each one of the hand drawn or hand coloured notated images, I used as a barometer for influence and impression what I always use as my creative compass, what image simply stops me in my tracks, what images have me wait and feel, and invite me to linger longer.  These were the images that I stared at and then studied, searching the image beyond what was shown, looking for the “story” of it within, as the influence washed all over me.”Hearst Castle Wood Celestial TilePhoto courtesy of Hearst Castle ©2012 Hearst Castle® California State Parks-Hearst Castle Collection® and tile image courtesy of Tilevera

On the left is one of the Celestial Suites at Hearst Castle which served as inspiration for Jacqueline’s hand crafted tiles made from Baltic birch. She hand paints between 12-20 layers of glazes, gold and silver leaf, oil paints, washes, and antiquing methods. The tiles are then sealed with a durable protective coat, which enables interior and exterior installations. Hearst Castle InteriorsTile painted by Jacqueline MooreTile image courtesy of Tilevera

“It has never been my primary goal or motivation to copy her from these recorded moments, but instead to walk beside, sit with in full reverb and resonance of this voice, echoing her influence, and in full gallop back to the castle.  In short and in full, my quest and attempts to capture singing a kind of “Duet” with her.

In regards to the detail and precision of her work, and to the attentions, content balance and proportion of her creations, I wanted no difference whatsoever to be reflected in my own approach.  For that aspect of her work, the attention to rhythm and space, I never wanted to miss the heartbeat of her influence for a single second.”

Hearst Castle PoolJacqueline’s study and appreciation of what Mr. Hearst and Ms. Morgan created clearly comes through in her work.  She gets it.  But then one has to ask how this translates to today?  Some artists just create, however Jacqueline is clearly a contemplative artist quite grounded in reality.  So I asked her, how she see’s her work utilized today and was very impressed by her answer.

“I planned, tested and created for my tiles to be used all in sorts of environments and spaces. For flooring, borders, mosaic inserts, thresholds, walls, counters, vertical and horizontal spaces, and for stairways and ceilings ~ just like the work she herself created.  My background in restoration and conservation of fine antiquity ~ has helped ensure we are readied and with the appropriate protections, to use these works, where clay bodied works already occupy.”

Jacqueline’s process of creating something special enough to be called art but accessible enough to use in one’s home makes tile selection much more special.  If your home and decor is ripe for a design element reminiscent of the past,  Castle Wood Tiles from Hearst Castle Collection by Tilevera might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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