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Interior Color Trends for 2021 You Need To Know

Interior Trends You Need To Know For 2021Are you aching to change the color of something in your interior in 2021? You will want to read the latest 2021 Paint & Color Trends Report before you lift a paint brush or invest in a new color scheme.

Interiors in 2020 took on a new meaning like never before as the COVID changed the world. We are home more, whether working, schooling, or spending time with family, our homes have become a larger focal point in our lives. Ombre walls in 2020 Colors of The YearAll of a sudden the walls need to be painted, or maybe the kitchen demands a redo. Not only are we nesting but we are living, really living, in our homes which translates into looking at them in a different way. But just because one gets an interior design bug up their ass doesn’t mean it’s the right one especially when we are talking color. This is why Fixr polls designers from around the globe each year, to help consumers make smart interior color choices. We look to guide you on the right path with your interior color choices and not make indulgent selections which later become expensive fixes.

The real value in the 2021 Paint & Color Trends Report is this is not created by a paint company or self appointed color “experts” who come together purely to pick colors to label as trends to fuel product or paint sales. Real designers working with real people like yourself are polled to arrive at what colors work and what doesn’t. If you plan on selling your home use this report as a roadmap to How to Pick a Paint Color and present your home for the modern homebuyer rather than listed to some realtor who has their own personal likes and dislikes.