Interior Design Factory, Ltd

Interior Design Factory, Ltd

Do it once and do it right.  

(And don’t waste time or money.)

Interior Design Factory, Ltd. located in Pepper Pike, Ohio, creates timeless interior environments which are functional, enjoyable and beautiful. Founded by interior designer and noted blog editor, Lisa M. Smith, our goals is to make sure what you do in your home today is not a mistake tomorrow.

Whether your style is traditional, transitional, or contemporary we work with you to create an interior appropriate for your lifestyle, a reflection of you.

Our Strengths

  • Fast
  • Fresh ideas
  • Personalized solutions
  • We listen and ask lots of questions
  • Appropriateness of concepts and materials
  • We encourage you to move beyond what was cool 10 years ago
  • Budgets don’t scare us but if you’re unrealistic, we’ll tell you

Our Specialties

•  Renovation / Remodel         •  Space Planning & Interior Detailing         •  New Construction       •  Color Expert

•  Furniture Design        •  Cabinetry Design             •  Kitchen & Bathroom Design

We can guide you to make smart interior purchases in stores or on the internet, but our best work is behind the scenes, before the walls are up or any furniture, fixtures or appliances have been selected. We get into the nitty gritty about making a space useful and fabulous at the same time.

If you like straight talk, no pressure, and need help making good interior decisions, feel free to contact us.


Having a background in finance we specialize in making smart interior investments, not wasteful ones. We charge by the hour, just like an attorney, but we work quickly and hate wasting time. We provide an estimate of time up front for each project. Or you can buy blocks of time in four hour increments, to call on us as the need arises.

Design is a collaborative process, we are here to point you in the right direction, not have an endless project. When finished, our clients are happy and they feel we’ve saved them both time and money. We’ve been told we’re pretty good at curbing people’s out of control interior shopping & decorating habits. 

We take on a limited number of select projects and consultations throughout the country, in person or via technology. Please feel free to  contact us now if you have a project, big or small, our calendar fills up fast.