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Interiors: Why Are You Hanging Bad Art On Your Walls?

Painting by Lisa M SmithMany people move into a new home with more or different walls than they had previously and feel the need to buy just any art to fill them. Some of you may not have a clue what art goes with or enhances your interior, this is common too. Most of us have a budget, not an ‘artwork budget,’ a realistic answer to the question, yet not a viable excuse for hanging lousy art on your walls. If you want to know the remedy (hint: its an inexpensive easy fix) for why you are hanging bad art on your walls, keep reading.

Purpose of Wall Art

The whole point of hanging art on the wall is to enhance the room. When you walk into a home or any interior space which feels truly beautiful and evokes the slightest twinge of delight inside you, chances are the art has a lot to do with it. If hanging artwork correctly is a bit of a challenge, click here for the answer.

What Is Bad Art

Art hung wrongIt doesn’t matter whether or not the art has meaning to you or is supposed to be good, it could be bad.

  • Bad art is often purchased in a hurry ‘to fill the wall’ or get something up before company arrives.
  • The crap people buy at big box and outlet stores which has no soul and originated in the hands of someone in earning barely a few dollars a week, is most often than not bad art. Do you really want to support this?
  • Bad art can be an outdated group of family photos, nobody wants to see… again.
  • Bad art can be some truly ugly piece you inherited, but hate though you hang it because it was in your parent’s house.
  • Bad art can also be too much of the same thing whether type, subject matter or colors.
  • Any art which conflicts with the surroundings, is bad art.
  • Art which is the wrong size, often too small, or poorly placed is bad art.

Good art can be trendy or classic. Bad art can be trendy or dated by modern standards. I just toured the residence of a famous Hollywood personality (Eva and Magda Gabor) and thank God for the outdoor view because what was inside was just horrific. Sure there were some decent oil paintings and sculpture but it was so out of context, more of a time capsule than what anyone would want to look at today. Which is something to ask, maybe it was once ‘good’ but does it still hold up today as something you truly want on your wall? Bad art may not be in itself ugly, though when it serves to wreck an interior, it qualifies as lousy art.

Discovering Great Art

Art customized for colors of the roomYou needn’t be an art aficionado or know the names and styles of great artists to find and have great art. And you do not need a lot of money. While it is important to select art which coordinates and enhances your space, you may not realize is good art is easy to find and procure. Beautiful art can be very inexpensive! There are some superb options to customize art for your color scheme and size needs. Here is where you can find quality good art to enhance your home and have the opportunity to connect with the actual artists:


Etsy is a super place to buy fantastic art direct from the artist. Prices are reasonable and you’re getting real art from the source not a piece of generic soulless art from a generic store. Many artists are happy to collaborate making a piece in a specific size or color just right for you.

Angela Navarro artIt doesn’t matter what your style or color preferences are there is something to fit your decor perfectly. Angela Navarro creates wonderful intricate works in a multitude of colors which can be a perfect springboard to a room’s colors.

Geode art on EtsyNeed something with a bit more flow, more organic? Large Art Original is happy to work with you to customize the piece. V Hellstom art printsV Hellström creates stunning prints which are bold yet restful due to her articulate combinations of color.

The best part about being able to customize sizes is you can create stunning groups or a collage of similar photos to take up a large expanse of wall if you can make up your mind on only one big one!

Ebay Art

Yes, Ebay has art, real art, sold by the artist. Ebay has a whole section dedicated to original artists selling their artwork. This isn’t second hand or garage sale leftovers, its real legitimate artists selling their own art. You can filter the type of art you are looking for from the medium, type of art, color, and buying directly from the artist.

Jon Allen Metal ArtMetal artist Jon Allen creates amazing metal sculptures and wall art which he sells in his Statements 2000 Metal Art Ebay store.

Pixels / Fine Art America

For a fraction of the price of the original work, you can purchase canvas prints, art prints, wood prints, metal prints or decorative items and more, plus what’s even better – choose the size, any framing needed and purchase through and It’s like buying from the artist with options. Pixels owns Fine Art America and is ‘The World’s Largest Art Marketplace and Print-On-Demand Technology Company.’

Art online from Linda WoodsLinda Woods is a wonderful abstract artist who produces delightful art in hundreds of designs which incorporate numerous different color schemes. Decor Girl Artwork on PixelsLisa Smith art on Fine Art AmericaArtists, like me, load their own artwork on to these sites and can choose which sizes and products are appropriate for their medium, the company than prints and ships exactly what you want for your space within days!

Now you know exactly where to find great art for your home, there is no reason to be hanging bad art on your walls anymore. Rather than buy cheap, nameless art at the discount, big box store or  pedestrian online retailers, buy artwork created by people you can actually get to know. Put a face to the art on your walls. It is easy to buy fantastic artwork for your home printed or originals, art with meaning, art with a soul, art you could have influence in creating (if you like).

If buying products which are produced in America and created by American Artists resonates with you, the above suggestions are the perfect way to satisfy this requirement for the art you enjoy in your home or business.