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Is Your Wall Color Ruining Your Sleep?

Do you love your bedroom?  Does it invite a happy slumber?  Does it promote feelings of rest and relaxation?  If not, the color could be giving off mixed messages.  It is true, the wrong color in the bedroom could actually keep you from having a good night’s sleep.  Is Your Wall Color Ruining Your Sleep?

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Bedrooms are meant to be a personal retreat, the inhabitant’s private space to shut off the rest of the world.   However, painting or decorating a room the wrong dominant color can make a bedroom anything but restful.  Here are some color tips to lead you to rest and relaxation.  Purples, Violets and Pinks – Purples are passionate and mystical they invite feelings of creativity and imagination.  Pinks are about love and romance.  Soft or bold colors in this family can be tranquil and soothing.  As a mix of red and blue they are happy and restfulBlues – Blue is the universal favorite color.  In many cultures the color blue is painted on doors to ward off evil spirits.  Blue is safe and calm.  The color blue has been shown to slow down the heart rate.  Blue is reliableBlue-Greens – These instantly bring to mind the colors of water.  Aqua, marine blue, ocean blue and turquoise mimic gentle ocean waves to promote a natural rhythmic and resting state.  Colors in this family are wonderful for deep relaxation and tranquilityGreen – Nature’s neutral is one of the most soothing colors for the eyes.  Because it is the color with the most options it is important to steer clear of greens which are too acidic (energy) or too muddy (sad or depressing).  R.O.Y. (Red, Orange & Yellow) shouldn’t be a major player in the bedroom.  While reds, oranges and yellows are all beautiful colors they share characteristics which work against rest and relaxation.  Physiologically red will increase the heart rate and metabolism.  All three are energy colors.  At their boldest they are intensely hot and at their weakest they are warm.  They are wonderful in other areas of the home but using too much in the bedroom can lead to restful sleep.

When creating a color palette for the bedroom it helps to remember goal of the bedroom is to promote rest and relaxation.  Anything which works against this can render the room a failure.  The dominate color needs to be soothing.  Of course this does not mean one can’t accessorize with a little red, orange or yellow, but R.O.Y. should not play a major role.  Promoting interest is okay, promoting activity or energy is not.   What is the point of pretty if you can’t sleep in it?

How do colors effect you?