Pebble Beach and Monterey Car Week

Revisit Rare 2019 Pebble Beach Concours Cars – P2

We continue our second installment of our three part series as we revisit some rare and very special cars of the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance which honored the 100th anniversary of both Bentley Motors and Zagato with special classes. Currently every automotive event until about June has been cancelled or rescheduled for fall, so we gotta get our car fix somehow, right? As most of us are still under shelter in place orders, here is your five minutes of escapism. Grab a glass of champs, dress up if you feel like it, sit back and enjoy our Concours Friday viewing of some class picks from the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

NEWS: As of April 22, 2020 the 70th Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance has been cancelled for this year.

Ferrari Competition

1958 Ferrari 250 GT Scaglietti Berlinetta1958 Ferrari 250 GT Scaglietti Berlinetta – After Alfonso de Portage claimed victory in his 250 Berlinetta at the Tour de France these cars have carried the TdF nickname. This car sports one of the desirable alloy body cars purchased new by a gentleman in Switzerland who successfully campaigned the car in hill climbs.

European Antique

1919 Ballot Indianapolis Race Car1919 Ballot Indianapolis Race Car – Ernest Ballot, a manufacturer of car engines for others, notably the successful Peugeot racers, decided in 1918 to build his own cars. One hundred years ago, in 1919 the first four Ballots were race cars built for the Indianapolis 500. While they exhibited great promise in practice by qualifying at the front of the grid, only one finished the race, behind a Stutz and two Peugeots. This car made it to lap 63 where it crashed. If you want to get up close or learn more about this car, you can visit it at The Revs Institute in Naples, Florida.

Lamborghini Miura

1968 Lamborghini Miura Bertone Coupe owned by Shah of Iran1968 Lamborghini Miura Bertone Coupe – At first look across the small class of five Miuras they don’t really look all that different, look closer. Notice the unusual chrome plated bumper on this car, it is one of the few special customizations prepared for its original owner and one of Lamborghini’s best customers, Mohamed Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. This is the 101st Miura P400 built. As the story goes the car was sold before the Shah’s downfall in 1979 though confiscated by the Ayatola Khomeini government and later smuggled out of the country.  If there is a  wonderful part to this story, the Shah’s son then owned the car for the next 30 years and the car remained unscathed.

Bentley Centennial 4 1/2 Litre

Woolf Barnatos 1930 Bentley Gurney Nutting Drophead Coupe1930 Bentley 4 1/2 Liter Supercharged Gurney Nutting Drophead Coupe – Built expressly for ‘Bentley Boy’ and Bentley Motors Chairman, Woolf Barnato, this car displays the famous supercharger he convinced W.O. Bentley, begrudgingly, to incorporate into new 4 1/2 litre cars fitted with a Blower type engine. The bulbous contraption on the front is the supercharger, attached here because W.O. refused to allow the actual Bentley motor to be modified. Distinctive fender detail on Bentley Gurney Nutting Drophead CoupeThe distinctive almost bicycle like fenders accentuate the lines of body when seen in profile.

Barnato obtained his first Bentley in late 1924, a prototype 3 liter, which he campaigned to win a number of Brooklands races. So enamored with the brand he later financed the company, eventually becoming Chairman in 1926. As a driver he won LeMans three times, consecutively 1928 – 1930, all while driving a Bentley. Wait a minute, here lies another piece of motorsports trivia, I do not believe any other person holding an executive position in an automotive company has won at LeMans.

Zagato Centennial Postwar

1958 Fiat Abarth 750 GT Zagato1958 Fiat Abarth 750 GT Zagato – Certainly the cutest version of the famous “double bubble” Zagato bodied cars, it stood out amongst other better known versions because it is so simplistic. Fiat built 600 of the 750s with a number of different bodies and many were raced throughout the world. This particular car holds the 750 hill climb class record at the Rockwood Hill Climb in Canada. The car sports both original wheels and interior.

Postwar Touring

1950 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Gia Supergioiello1950 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Ghia Supergioiello Coupe – As the only one of four Supergioiello (jewel) coupes built by Ghia produced on an advanced tubular chassis built by renowned Gilco Milano, now Gilco Design. Gilberto Columbo would go on to be well recognized in designing and building Ferrari and Maserati chassis through the Fifties. While the car’s just completed restoration does honor the original two tone design, the original color scheme was thought to be a blue top with a white or light body.

American Antique

1914 Moline-Knight MK-50 Opera Sedan1914 Moline-Knight MK-50 Opera Sedan – “More Power, More Flexibility, More Economy and More Silence” was their slogan, today this tagline could apply to a Tesla. All were finished in this blue and black paint scheme. This particular car also had electric start, electric lighting and even a speedometer. Personally I just like the convex curved glass next to the concave curve of the bonnet to windowsill and these white tires, those tires are always white thanks to this tire services shop.

Prewar Preservation

1916 Packard Twin Six Touring 1916 Packard Twin Six Touring1916 Packard 1-35 Twin Six Touring – The Packard Twin Six made its debut in May 1915, as the first U.S. production twelve-cylinder automobile engine. The Twin Six was a huge success which resulted in Packard outselling Pierce-Arrow by four-to-one in the first year. The original owner purchased the car for use in Maine during the summer months. In 1924 the car passed to his daughter where it sat for the next 48 years undisturbed. The car retains its original condition down to the pin striping with the client’s monogram.

Packard Open

1930 Packard 745 Deluxe Eight1930 Packard 745 Deluxe Eight – As likely one of the supercars of the day, the striking purple and pink color combination does feel appropriate. This beautifully proportioned roadster, one of the last of this glorious era of automobiles, was styled by famed Raymon Dietrich including a long sweeping curve of the fenders from nose to tail.

Historic Hot Rod Cover Cars

Historic Hot Rod Kookie Kart1922 Ford T-Bucket Norm Grabowski Kookie Kart – There you have it, the cutesy Hot Rods with wild customizations have made it to the lawn of the esteemed concours. Norm Grabowski began the T-Bucket style hot rod craze. Built on a 1931 Ford Model A chassis, with the front half of a 1922 Ford Model T and the rear from a Model A pickup. (Growing up around many Model As, none of this is recognizable.) This car was on TV first in 1956 but it became more famous, after retooling with the eye-catching flame paint job and it starred on 77 Sunset Strip.

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