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Shhh… I’m Giving a Very Hot Christmas Gift This Year

Here are a few hints regarding the hot and steamy Christmas gift my husband is getting this year: it is something we experienced in Paris, something we have talked about ever since we’ve been back and it involves a bathroom.  Eiffel Tower ParisAny guesses?  Shocked it isn’t car related aren’t you?

It is true I’m giving my husband a hot… bathroom for Christmas.

Back Story   This fall I goaded, cajoled, and practically dragged my husband, not quite kicking and screaming to Paris for the first time.  He is more a creature of habit, I’m the adventurous one.  The pressure was on, because complain he will.

Master Manipulator? Le Burgundy Hotel ParisThey say scorpios are good at manipulating, this is the case of being so smooth even I didn’t realize what I was doing.  Hee hee hee.   I hunted down an uber-fabulous hotel, Le Burgundy, directly behind Coco Chanel’s apartment on rue Cambon.  Vacations are about enjoying better than what one has at home and what a glorious place to hunt for design ideas.

Experience In The Bathroom  Towel Warmer in Le Burgundy Hotel Bathroom Oooh la-la!  There was a thermostat on the wall for a heated towel warmer.  Every morning our bathroom, with tiled floor, was toasty warm and our towels snuggle-worthy hot.  Of course I’ve known about heated towel bars, Mr. Steam makes them, but had never actually used one.  The hubs just figured it was some design-y thing I thought was cool, until he used one… sold.

The Design Brain Engages Lisa thinking of Mr. SteamHmmm, our bathroom at home is on a slab = freezing cold.

The floor is tile = expensive to rip up.

The room has one small window = stays damp.

Design solution = Mr. Steam Towel Warmer.

Earlier in the year at ICFF in NYC I had an educational conversation with the Mr. Steam guy which already had my radar up.  Apparently heated towel bars are the trick to drying towels after use especially in humid environments, more than heating them, very interesting.

Souvenir  +  Need  +  Hot Christmas Gift = Mr. Steam Towel WarmerMr. Steam Towel Warmer Gift As soon as I got home, I researched and let Mr. Steam know I was going to order one.  This would be the perfect gift, not that I’m a huge fan of home appliance type gifts, but having a towel warmer to give us heat in the morning (about the only time we turn the heat on in this section of the house), dry towels and offer a toasty towel after a shower – would be perfect.

Both of us break out in hives over campy souvenir kitsch.  So does it mean I’m cheap since I waited until we got home for the big souvenir from of our wonderful vacation in Paris?  I can’t imagine anything better than a daily reminder of a fabulous Parisian vacation.

No worries, my husband never reads my blog during the week and he especially isn’t going to read a post regarding a bathroom, he only reads the car posts. 🙂  I’ll do a follow-up once we have it installed.


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12 Responses to Shhh… I’m Giving a Very Hot Christmas Gift This Year

  1. Love, love this! In France we use these all the time and they are brilliant! He’s gonna love this!!!

  2. Perfect gift! Love this idea.

  3. You are the best gifter EVER. Seriously, what an amazing gift… I’m surprised we don’t see more of them in US bathroom design. Hopefully you have started something with this great post. There’s nothing like Mr Steam…

  4. Living in Florida, I never really thought towel warmers were that essential. Thanks for opening my eyes to the value of drying the towels after use! Humidity is a major problem in Florida.

  5. Kerri bates

    How did you decide on brand and model? I am getting my hubby the same thing!!!! But having trouble sorting through the info to decide on “the one.” There is a huge range in prices given….

    • For starters I know the people at Mr. Steam, have seen there product and spoken to them – they build a high quality product at a reasonable price point. I’ve seen others and Mr. Steam was my first choice. The model had to do with looks and what was big enough to offer a little heat and dry two towels.

  6. Heated towel rails have been popular in the UK for some time. I’m surprised you need them in Florida! If only we had some of your warmth.

    • I was surprised myself to learn Mr. Steam sells so many in Florida to, but it is really damp down there. On the other side of the pond you often seem to be ahead of the curve.