Soapbox Moment: Saying Nothing Is Not The New Thank You

The end of the year signals a time of reflection, looking back on the past year to note the highs and lows and to give thanks.  What are we thankful for?  Better yet, have we said so?  Have we expressed our gratitude, written a thank-you to those who’ve helped us, given us a gift, or impacted us or our company in a positive way?  Whether relationships are just via social media or real life, manners still matter.

Thank You Worthy Actions what deserves a thank youSurely I’ve missed a few, feel free to add more.  The point is certain actions require a reaction, the reaction being an appreciative thank-you. Thank YouSocial Media and Business

Virtual relationships still require good manners.  Real time kindness requires real time appreciation.

  • If you write an article and someone is really good about promoting your work, say thank you.
  • If a company invites you to an event (which you attend at their expense) or does something nice for you at the very least say thank you.  Give them some social media love and publish an article (blog post) if you have the means.
  • If someone retweets your posts or tweets, reciprocate and thank them.
  • If someone mentions you or your company or product online, or pushes traffic your way, thank them.
  • If someone is supportive in the social arena or local community, thank them and if possible be equally supportive.
  • If someone does a spectacular job for you or your company, thank them.

Complaints and negativity are heard more often in a day than niceties.  Take the time to make someone’s day by showing your gratitude.

Family & FriendsThanksFamiliarity is no excuse for bad manners.

Unfortunately family and friends can be some of the biggest offenders in the not sending a thank-you group.  I’ve been remiss on occasion, mostly with being timely and I’ve got a couple of family members who suck at even saying thank-you let alone sending a darned note.  Sorry kiddies, a few of you ain’t cutting the the mustard.  On the other side, I have a dear friend who sends the most eloquent thank you notes and unexpected thank-you gifts (she did go to Miss Porters) and some nieces and nephews do a great job with a thank-you note.

Seriously there is NO excuse other than laziness or dare I say bad parenting. If you can read you can write, simple enough.  Truth is, if you are old enough to know you like it, you are old enough to say Thank You.

One of my friends said it best as this relates to those under 30 who think a quick text, tweet or  other tech based thank-you cuts it, you want to send a virtual thank-you, then you had better expect a virtual gift.

Appropriate Thank-You for EverybodyComponents of a thank-you noteThe December issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine has a superb article on this by Samantha Boardman on page 174.  She even spells out the necessary components of a proper thank-you note.

When it comes to the receiving of a gift, a physical thank-you note is the only acceptable response.  If someone took the time to shop, pick out, maybe wrap, or send something to you, writing a thank-you note is the only gracious response.  Ms. Boardman’s mother referenced children categorizing a thank-you note as old fashioned as the proper retort would then make giving gifts old fashioned.  Ha! 

When it comes to business a hand written note is the way to go as well, according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

Is expressing gratitude really this hard?Pushing a wallChew on this for a moment any of those excuse wielding offenders.  If being thankful is a burden…  there is something wrong with you.  Seriously, there is no excuse for not making an effort to express gratitude, the giver likely put in more effort than it would take to express your thanks.  And don’t take the cop out, “I didn’t ask for anything” brat-attitude – lame.

If someone gives you a trip, you should be tripping over yourself with how to say thank-you.  If someone send’s you a gift, there is no excuse not to send them a lovely handwritten thank-you note.  If someone helps promote your business, say thank-you.

Entitlement is ugly, gratitude is beautiful.

thank youSorry, but someone has to fight for manners.    

This holiday season, give your kids a box of thank-you notes in their stocking like Ms. Boardman received as a child.  Start them on the right path to living with gratitude.  Start 2014 on a positive note, make sure your thank-you list is clear.

Thank-you for reading and taking time to visit me here. Thank You