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The Decor Girl Had a Vision in Blue

All businesses need promotion, Interior Design Factory is no different.  Sometimes I just get these ideas… this is one I couldn’t get out of my mind.  Don’t worry this is still interior design related, color palettes, scale, proportion and all that.

Designer’s don’t take out adverts on billboards.  Mailings seemed pointless, hey I throw that crap away why would I expect anyone to be different?  I’m rather shy so not big on the self-promoting party circuit.  Print ads are well, ah.. done.

I am different, it’s just my nature.  I think outside of the box and I’m nothing if not colorful and creative.  What if I were to marry two things I like?  Here is what happens when I do something out of the ordinary.

Actually it is more like a three-way: art + design + cars.

Recognize this little canvas work I dabble in from time to time?

Meet my Mini Cooper S Clubman.

Isn’t this just so cute?  I could barely contain myself when we had a big conversation on branding and promotion the other night.

For my car pals, it goes – yes really goes, 181 hp and 0-60 in 6.8 seconds.  Very zippy and maneuverable.  I can’t recall the last time I drove a front wheel drive car though, can get a little squirrely but it is also light.  The gas mileage is so good I haven’t even filled the tank yet.  Admittedly I didn’t want to drive it much until it was all dressed up.  I think the  ‘Lisa blue’ makes it even faster.

Even for the non-car person, it is a hoot.  Plus the seats fold flat and I can carry plenty of samples, bolts of fabric, small furniture and even artwork.  The stealthy 3rd door makes it easy to fit adults in the back seat too.  Oh, and those double doors in the back are heaven at the grocery store.

Life is short, why shouldn’t we be able to drive cars which are just so darn cute?