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Timeless Art by Oren Sherman Makes Interiors Wonderful

One of the simplest ways to come up with a color scheme for a room is a great piece of artwork.  If someone is the least bit nervous about major color on a piece of furniture or a wall, art is always the answerBut where does one find something wonderful?  There are so few options for affordable artwork which is not mass-produced and has the ability to work in any home interior traditional to modern.

Artwork in the interior should be a focal point. 

A few years ago I attended a trade show in Las Vegas.  After the umpteenth hallway of furniture, carpet, bathroom fixtures, lightning, and wallcovering I walked around a corner and ahhh, I finally found the unique item which would transform any interior.  My eyes were drawn into these unbelievable prints by artist-illustrator Oren Sherman; beautiful, colorful, precise, fun but not pedestrian, stylish and special.Oren Sherman - Beach Umbrella - YellowOne can easily use as these as color key to scheme an entire room around.  Oren’s eye for color is phenomenal, why not use it for yourself?

This is what I love about using artwork and interior design together, the work is done for you.  Artwork, fabric, paint colors – it is so easy!

Oren’s precision as an expert print maker, eye for composition and artistic ability to harness and push the bounds of color are captured on paper for all to enjoy.  He has designed postage stamps, magazine covers, and worked for many well known corporations.  Oren Sherman - Ocean DriveBut it is his ability and interest in creating high-quality art for the middle income market which makes him an absolute gem.  By producing prints in limited quantities he keeps the quality high and yet the pricing is obtainable.  His prints can be purchased framed or unframed directly from Oren Sherman.

Chandelier by Oren ShermanInterior designers appreciate an opportunity to make our jobs easier too, I won’t deny it.  What we shy away from is the ordinary, expected or too readily available. Enough with the Campari or Cinzano posters or the (cough) “art” by T.K. we’ve all seen again, again, and again.

Oren’s prints are a perfect compliment or starting point to transform an ordinary interior to something quite wonderful.  Got a room to redo and not sure wear to start?  Start shopping on Oren’s website! Lisa signature

All pictures courtesy  Oren Sherman.