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Top 10 Don’ts & Dos For Christmas Decorating

The holidays are here.  Jingle jangle, bells a ringing and all that jazz.  Wow, it is already the time of year for Christmas/holiday decorating.  As a public service, you should know this is a requested post.


I was asked to write this post, by a guy, a football player, basically not someone one would normally associate with decor or aesthetics.   He cornered me with concern as he described a tastefully decorated tree in Tiffany Blue to illustrate what he meant by beautiful decorations.  “Can you please tell people to use some thought or have some style when they are putting up decorations?” he pleaded.

Here is what I came up with, what you better not do and some inspiration for wonderful holiday decor which is easy to achieve.  We’ll start with the ugly and work towards the wonderful.10.  Not before Thanksgiving, period.  Nobody wants to see Christmas decorations prior to the Thanksgiving holiday under any circumstances, according to a recent survey of consumers via Business Wire.

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9.   Don’t drink or text while decorating.  Carelessly tossing a string of lights (or three) on any old branch by the front door is not outdoor holiday decor.  As with any decorating project, holiday decor requires more attention, planning, effort and less ketchup than Honey Boo Boo’s dinner.  

8.   Always keep the audience in mind, though this is not comedy.  Think of holiday decorating like dress for success.  Just like one might dress for the job you want decorate for the style you aspire to.

7.  Christmas may be for children, but under no circumstances put them in charge of the holiday design team.  Teach by letting them help, not by saying “oh honey that is so pretty,” as they suggest a mish-mash of inflatable insults sprouting from the front yard.

6.  More is tacky.  Some may call it the season of excess, but every decoration in the entire county does not belong on any one family’s front lawn. Now for the good stuff, the pretty, the inspiring, the holiday decorations which would make any home lovely.  You didn’t seriously think I was going to do a whole post on ugly did you?

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5.  Minimalism rules!  Holiday decorating is at its most beautiful when it is thoughtful and deliberate.  Decorate with a concept, not every decoration or holiday item you’ve ever bought or been given.

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4.  Make your interior enchanting by color coordinating the holiday and tree decorations with existing home decor.  There is nothing wrong with color coordinated wrapping paper to go with the entire look.

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3.  Keep it simple.   Simple items which are easy on the eye and easy on the budget become glorious when used in repetition.  We will call this a controlled version of more.

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2.  Nature offers an abundance of decorating objects to create a stylish holiday decor indoors or out.  Decorations do not have to be costly, run outside and do some pruning.

1.  Keep the sentiment of the season at the core of your holiday decor.  The holiday season is about joy and seeing the beauty in all things around us.  The true decorations are the people in your lives and around your table; wrap them in a box of acceptance, a sprinkle of humor all tied up with a big bow of love.

Have a happy start to the holiday season!  Keep your eye on Pinterest for more holiday ideas.