Pebble Beach and Monterey Car Week

Unusual Cars from The Quail

The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering is the other big car event on the Monterey Peninsula during car week.  Amidst a garden party atmosphere with gourmet food tents and automotive manufacturers displaying their hottest new ideas, one can find a wonderfully intimate concours.   Smaller than the biggie on the lawn at Pebble, thanks to the limitation of only 3,000 tickets, the flavor is much more casual even festive (and scorching hot in Carmel Valley).  Blue blazers were left at home and the ticket price being all inclusive meant walking around with a real glass of wine or champagne, intermixed with lots of bottled water, and getting up close with the cars and their owners.  I get jazzed stumbling across cars I’ve never heard of before, here are a few we found. 1959 Berkley SE328 Sports Roadster – These were a favorite on the sport racing circuit in both America and Europe for the 4-5 years the company was in business.  The company being declared insolvent in 1960 and never resurrected, though replicas are abundant.1956 Fiat Eden Roc – Is it a car, a boat, a what the heck is it?  This car, second of only two produced, if for land use only and bodied by Pininfarina.  It just happened to be designed as perfect little riviera cruiser.  Yes, I left the guy’s hand in the last shot just to give a bit of reference to scale.   Not a Mini, but not big either.  1951 Pegaso 2102 – This elegant little coupe was the factory racecar back in its day and entered in the 1952 Monaco Grand Prix.  1949 Kurtis Sport Car –  Frank Kurtis, designer of the Muntz Jet, gave his son some left over pieces as an early graduation gift in 1950.  With the help of some creative employees of his father’s company, Arlen Kurtis fashioned this spiffy little two seater.  Arlen Kurtis is still the owner of this car.  Do you still have your graduation gift? 1972 Iso Rivolta Veredo – This one-off mid engine car was said to have a top speed of 300 kph designed by Ercole Spada.  Piero Rivolta, Iso’s son, was closely involved in this car’s creation and now owns the car which he has on display at the Classic Car Museum in Sarasota, FL.

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