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Want Neighborhood Envy? This Tile Parquet Floor Delivers

Want Neighborhood Envy? This Tile Parquet Floor DeliversDid I really suggest a parquet floor?  Yes, oh yes… which is exactly what you and your neighbors will say once you install this large scale stone parquet mosaic tile in your home. I can promise this tile will be the envy of your neighborhood.

One of the issues which plague homeowners today is so many homes are missing a soul. Finishes are too flat, contrived with the same materials being used in home after home, boring. New homes and even remodels are missing history, a patina, the personality which make a house a home rather than a recreation of a catalogue or photo shoot. This is what we l-o-v-e, love about the Tansu tile from New Ravenna, it has soul and depth homes today crave.

Muyu Jade stoneIn terms of history, its got 500 million years of it. The Tansu stone tiles are made from the ancient stone called Muyu Jade, or wooden fish stone. Formed during the Paleozoic era. As for patina and personality, Tansu has you covered. New Ravenna created a honed finish, not too shiny and not too dull which allows one to appreciate the intricate layers of the stone, which naturally simulates older wood grain. New Ravenna TansuThe woven mosaic designs were inspired by intricate Japanese Ikebana baskets, which allows the parquet a bit of a historic personality without being too contrived.

Sara Baldwin, founder and creative director of New Ravenna says of Tansu, “Parquetry has always fascinated me from my first visit to Versailles, where the concept originated in the 17th century. As a mosaic artist I often experiment with the same geometric principles in stone and glass. The beautiful natural variegated colors of this exotic stone inspired me to look to the habitat and culture of Asia to introduce a pattern that honors the legacy of this rare material.”

New Ravenna products are available for purchase through designer showrooms across the country and internationally. The company provides design services along with on-site supervision of installations. New Ravenna mosaics are found in homes, restaurants, hotels, casinos, and businesses around the world.