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Want To Make Your Patio A Relaxing Paradise?

3 Ways To Make Your Patio A Relaxing ParadiseIf you would like your patio, deck or other outdoor living space to invite you to relax, unwind and escape into your own paradise we’ve got three tips for you.

Meet Your Furniture Requirements:  This is simple, have only what you need fits the space and what makes you comfortable.

Thos Baker Lounge SeatingIf you like to lounge with your feet up, consider a sectional or at least a chair with nice gushy cushions and a ottoman.

If basking in the sun is gives you pleasure, determine your most comfortable sunbathing position and find patio furniture to meet your needs.

If outdoor entertaining fuels your soul, make sure you have enough conversational seating or outdoor dining furniture to meet your most consistent needs.

outdoor poolside livingAppeal To Your Visual Interest: To make your outdoor space as pretty as it can be pick a color scheme which encompasses the plantings, furniture and decor. You can also buy deck tiles for your outdoor living area to make it look better. To add a special touch of privacy you can buy high quality wood fencing wholesale at https://cedarfencedirect.com/.

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Feed Your Audible Needs: What sounds help you feel relaxed?

If you like to listen to your favorite playlist, there are many bluetooth wireless speaker systems which can wrap your space in music like these fun ones from Bose.

water featureWater Features Direct

If the sounds of nature can transport you to your happy place, fountains, water features, wind chimes and bird feeders do the trick.

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Want a funny story? While our terrace underwent a total makeover last summer, we could only sit outdoors next to our front door, which isn’t far from the noisy street. We played the Relax Melodies app on the iPhone through a Bose speaker. The app is pretty neat you can choose sounds (water, birds, wind, and more) to customize your own melody. It sounded like we were in our own private paradise next to a fountain with a gentle breeze blowing and birds in the background. If needed, you can fake it.

All it takes to make a patio into a relaxing paradise is the right furniture, color scheme and the correct noise. You can do it, or at least you can plan it while our current winter storm is wrecking havoc on a good portion of the east coast.


Furniture photos via Thos Baker